HHI to Build up to Eight Gas Carriers for Vitol

first_imgzoom South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has won a contract to build up to eight very large gas carriers (VLGCs) for the oil trading company Vitol, according to Reuters.Under the deal, the shipbuilder will construct two liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tankers with a capacity of 84,000 cbm each. Vitol has the option to order six more vessels of the same type, data provided by VesselsValue shows.Signed in late July, the contract has a value of around USD 544 million when all options are included. The company is reportedly paying a sum of USD 68 million per vessel.To be built in Ulsan, the new LPG tankers are scheduled to be delivered to their owner in the first half of 2019.The new vessels will be designed to consume less fuel and be eco-friendly to meet the International Maritime Organization’s sulphur cap set to come into effect 2020, local media cited HHI.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

RollsRoyce ESA to Work on Shippings Digital Future

first_imgzoom UK-based engineering company Rolls-Royce and the European Space Agency (ESA) have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at pursuing space activities in support of autonomous, remote controlled shipping and promoting innovation in European digital logistics.As explained, the two parties aim to develop and validate new solutions for communication between vessel systems and shore-based systems in addition to ship-to-ship communication. This will enable the operation of commercial remote and autonomous shipping, innovative cargo logistics, smart ports and future commercial marine vessels.“The space industry has been operating assets remotely for many decades. The information, software and satellite-based technologies the sector has developed are wholly relevant to the work Rolls-Royce is doing to make the remote and autonomous ship a reality,” Karno Tenovuo, Rolls-Royce, SVP Ship Intelligence, said.“This agreement is another demonstration of the positive application of Space 4.0 and the desire for a United Space in Europe; maximising the integration of space into our economy and society,” Jan Wörner, ESA’s Director General, commented.The next generation of 5G communications will rely on integration of telecom networks and services, and ESA’s Satellite for 5G Initiative exists to support the technical and supply chain progress required, and follow through to support the development of the commercial services that this enables.“The current wireless carriers like satellite and associated infrastructure need to be developed to facilitate the development of remote & autonomous ships, as existing configurations were not designed for this purpose,” Tenovuo added.Furthermore, “Rolls-Royce and the ESA will look at developing satellite-based positioning for ‘smart’ ships which will be based on its ‘earth observation platform’. This could create greater spatial and situational awareness for those operating the vessel remotely. It will also allow satellites to capture and share the data from a number of vessels simultaneously.”Image Courtesy: DNV GLESA already serves the maritime community with many satellite capabilities. Satellite Automatic Identification System (SAT-AIS) permits identification and global tracking of ships using space and ground technology, using low Earth orbiting satellites to act as information relays to serve the whole globe. This results in the more efficient use of existing infrastructures, a tangible reduction in cost and a decrease in the environmental impact.The ESA developed Sentinel-1 satellite as part of the European Union’s Copernicus program. Last August, Sentinel-1 Earth observation data helped the US Coast Guard vessel Maple navigate through the Northwest Passage, showcasing the enormous potential that satellite earth observation can have across the industry, particularly in ship-to-ship data transmission.Rolls-Royce and ESA also plan to cooperate in harnessing the power of big data. Data analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can improve operational efficiency, reliability and safety, according to Rolls-Royce. Sensor data will inform augmented and virtual realities, or “digital twins”. A digital twin is an AI copy of a ship, including its systems, that synthesizes the information available about the ship in a hologram.“It allows any aspect of an asset to be explored through a digital interface, creating a virtual test bench to assess the safety and performance of a vessel and its systems, both before its construction and through its lifecycle. By creating ships and ship technology in a virtual environment, new ideas and technology can be realised and tested in a shorter time frame,” Tenovuo explained.“Space 4.0 and ESA’s Satellite for 5G Initiative enable, support and foster developments, validations and trials of products and applications in diverse areas of the maritime industry, and this partnership between the European Space Agency and Rolls-Royce will enable satellites to serve ship intelligence, marine operations, navigation, cargo logistics, maritime safety, healthcare, passenger and crew communications,” Wörner concluded.last_img read more

FUELSAVE Applies to Join the CO2 Challenge

first_imgzoomImage Courtesy: FUELSAVE Germany-based manufacturer of fuel saving additive, FUELSAVE, has applied to become a partner of the CO2 Challenge, the initiative set up by US conglomerate Cargill, entrepreneurial group Rainmaking and classification society DNV GL. The CO2 Challenge aims to partner with start-ups and technology companies with systems capable of reducing a vessel’s CO2 emissions in line with international climate strategies and targets. Since the initiative was launched in June 2018, it has received some 70 applicants from 20 different countries.“As shipping looks at solutions capable of cutting carbon emissions in half by 2050, the CO2 Challenge is the optimum platform from which to launch new technology. The initiative not only helps the industry discover new solutions capable of reducing shipping’s impact on the global environment, but it can provide start-ups with the help they need to get their innovations to market and scale up production,” Marc Sima, FUELSAVE co-founder and President, said.While the FUELSAVE application has yet to be assessed, the partners have set strict entry criteria to ensure that only companies with viable technologies capable of reducing a ship’s carbon footprint by 10% can apply.Following field and laboratory tests, the company officially launched its fuel saving additive FS Marine+ at the beginning of the year.“Tests confirmed the technology’s ability to reduce fuel consumption, and consequently carbon emissions, from any marine diesel engine by 10% (net). The system also reduces NOx emissions between 30 – 80% and FSN/ PM / BC by 30- 40% and cleans up the combustion process for visibly less soot and reduced engine wear & tear,” Heino Eckerich, FUELSAVE Technical Director, said.last_img read more

Nakilats Growth Continues

first_imgzoomImage Courtesy: Nakilat Qatar-based LNG shipping company Nakilat wrapped up the first nine months of 2018 with a profit increase of 8.5%. The company concluded its financial results for the nine-month period ended September 30 with a net profit of QAR 659 million (around USD 181 million) compared to QAR 607 million (USD 167 million) seen in the same period last year.As explained, Nakilat’s stronger performance is a result of the company’s successful expansion, which is attributed to its strategic long-term plan to diversify and seek business opportunities with minimal risk, as well as through effective cost optimization initiatives across its integrated operations.This has been achieved through the acquisition of two additional jointly-owned liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers and a major stake in the first floating storage regasification unit (FSRU).Nakilat joint venture companies have also performed well, supported by the encouraging demand for ship repair and retrofits and offshore fabrication at the Erhama bin Jaber Al Jalahma shipyard in the last quarter, according to the company.“Nakilat’s improved financial performance bears testament to the company’s ongoing emphasis on enhancing efficiency, increasing productivity and pursuing growth strategies, without compromising safety and quality across all our integrated operations,” Abdullah Fadhalah Al Sulaiti, Nakilat Chief Executive Officer (CEO), commented.Al-Sulaiti added that the company is always on the lookout for opportunities to diversify its business and expand its portfolio, with the aim to widen international outreach and secure its position in the dynamic and competitive LNG market. “Nakilat will continue to play our significant role in steering our efforts toward enhancing capability and resiliency to strengthen the country’s shipping and maritime industry,” Al-Sulaiti concluded.last_img read more

Justice Minister Brings Nova Scotia Concerns to Ottawa

first_imgNova Scotia Justice Minister Cecil Clarke will be in Ottawa Friday, Nov. 2, to discuss justice issues with federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson. “Although I am new to the Justice portfolio, I am very aware of concerns Nova Scotians have about crime,” said Mr. Clarke. “At the provincial level we are taking action, including adding new police officers, addressing youth crime and developing a provincial crime-prevention strategy. We need to ensure federal efforts are addressing issues that Nova Scotians care about.” In October, the federal minister travelled to Halifax to announce amendments to the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The amendments would make it easier to hold accused youth before trial, a long-standing issue of concern for Nova Scotia. Mr. Clarke will seek to ensure the coming amendments reflect issues raised by Nova Scotia and recommendations made by the Nunn Commission. “We are pleased that the federal government has agreed to take immediate actions to improve the act,” said Mr. Clarke. “We want to make sure the amendments give the courts enough flexibility to detain a young person before trial when their behaviour endangers themselves or the public.” During the meeting, Mr. Clarke will also raise issues under federal jurisdiction, including recently introduced federal legislation on issues like mandatory minimum sentences, impaired driving and dangerous offenders. Mr. Clarke will join his counterparts at federal, provincial and territorial justice ministers meetings in Winnipeg later this month.last_img read more

Youth Ambassadors Help Launch Youth Campaign

first_imgYouth ambassadors helped launch a campaign today, Feb. 21, aimed at getting young people more involved in communities and voting. Democracy 250 co-chair John Hamm was joined at Province House by local hip hop artist Jordan Croucher, 2008 ECMA award winner Stephanie Hardy, singer/songwriter Dwight d’Eon, and high school anti-bullying activists Travis Price and David Sheperd to announce D250: Make Your Mark. Other campaign ambassadors include Chad Denny, formerly with the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers and now with their East Coast Hockey League affiliate the Gwinnett Gladiators, and Halifax Mooseheads’ Brad Marchand, gold medalist at the 2008 World Junior Hockey Championship. The campaign, part of celebrations marking the 250th anniversary of the birth of parliamentary democracy in Canada, features the youth ambassadors in national and provincial ads that will air throughout the year. Dr. Hamm said a key objective of Democracy 250 is to increase youth voter turnout. “The vast majority of young people under 25 aren’t voting,” said Dr. Hamm. “To change this, we need to know what’s on their minds and, hopefully, respond in a way that encourages more of them to see the importance of democracy and the value of voting.” The slogan Make Your Mark, developed in consultation with VOX: Point of Youth, the provincial government’s youth advisory council, encourages youth to get involved in communities and to make their mark by speaking on issues and voting. Deborah Pellerin, youth program co-ordinator with the Department of Education with responsibility for VOX: Point of Youth, said the Make Your Mark campaign isn’t just about getting out the youth vote, it’s also intended to encourage greater youth participation at the community level. “When people get involved as volunteers, or as advocates for something they feel strongly about, they’re more likely to vote,” Pellerin said. “Hopefully, the campaign will yield positive results on both fronts.” In addition to the campaign, Democracy 250, in co-operation with VOX: Point of Youth, the Department of Education, school boards and Elections Nova Scotia, will host a series of youth town hall meetings. The meetings, which begin later this month, will start with students participating in a simulated election, before breaking into smaller group discussions on youth issues.last_img read more

Cérémonie des drapeaux en lhonneur de la naissance de la démocratie

first_imgLe tir des canons et le rythme des tambours feront vibrer la Citadelle le lundi 4 août alors que 250 cadets procéderont à la cérémonie historique des drapeaux. L’événement, présenté par Démocratie 250 afin de célébrer la naissance de la démocratie au Canada, est ouvert au public et débutera à 19 h. « La cérémonie des drapeaux est une occasion pour nous tous de prendre le temps de s’arrêter et de rendre hommage aux nombreuses libertés dont nous jouissons aujourd’hui dans cette société démocratique, et de faire l’expérience de l’apparat d’un groupe de jeunes Canadiens de communautés à l’échelle du pays, » a dit John Hamm, co-président de Démocratie 250. « J’invite tout le monde à se joindre à nous pour une soirée qui sera très certainement mémorable et touchante. » Dave Kopperson, vice-président de la région du Canada atlantique d’EnCana Corporation, qui est commanditaire de l’événement, affirme que la démocratie vaut la peine d’être célébrée. « Alors que nous réfléchissons aux valeurs de base qui font de la Nouvelle-Écosse et du Canada des endroits où il fait si bon vivre, nous sommes fiers de commanditer cette célébration, » a dit M. Kopperson. « Il s’agit vraiment d’une merveilleuse façon de célébrer le 250e anniversaire de la naissance de la démocratie parlementaire au Canada. » Avec l’appui des Organisations des cadets du Canada et du lieu historique national de la Citadelle-d’Halifax, l’événement inclura la cérémonie des drapeaux exécutée par les cadets du centre de formation d’été des cadets de la marine du NCSM Acadia, de la musique militaire, des animateurs historiques et un tir de canon. Il se terminera par l’abaissement du drapeau canadien au coucher du soleil. La tradition de la cérémonie des drapeaux remonte de plusieurs siècles à une époque où les habitants de la ville avaient des cultures et du bétail à l’extérieur des murs de la ville. Chaque jour au coucher du soleil, un cor ou une trompette retentissait pour avertir les gens de retourner dans l’environnement sécuritaire de la ville et pour signaler le rassemblement et l’affectation des gardes pour la nuit. Les gardes de nuit tiraient et rechargeaient leurs fusils pour s’assurer que la poudre était fraîche et que les armes étaient prêtes. Il est pertinent d’avoir 250 cadets exécuter la cérémonie des drapeaux, un pour chaque année depuis la naissance de la démocratie en Nouvelle-Écosse. Le NCSM Acadia, situé à Cornwallis Park dans le comté d’Annapolis, est le plus grand centre de formation d’été des cadets de la marine au Canada. Cet été, des cadets de partout au pays participent à des programmes de musique, de voile, d’aventures en plein air et de matelotage au centre de formation. Par leur participation au programme, les jeunes peuvent acquérir des aptitudes à la vie quotidienne en matière de travail d’équipe, de participation citoyenne, de leadership et de condition physique tout en s’amusant et en rencontrant de nouveaux amis. Nancy Chisholm, commandante du NCSM Acadia, dit que les jeunes constituent un aspect important des événements de Démocratie 250. « Nous sommes heureux d’appuyer Démocratie 250 et toutes ses célébrations, » a dit Mme Chisholm. « En incluant les jeunes, nous contribuons à un avenir réussi pour tous les Canadiens, tout en assurant que notre fière histoire ne sera pas oubliée. » L’événement est gratuit, mais les dons à Feed Nova Scotia sont acceptés. On suggère aux gens d’apporter une chaise. Pour en savoir davantage au sujet de la naissance de la démocratie au Canada et des célébrations commémorant cette première néo-écossaise, consultez le www.democratie250.ca. Pour obtenir plus d’information sur les cadets du NCSM Acadia et sur la signification historique de la cérémonie des drapeaux, consultez le site www.cadets.net/atl/acadia/intro_f.asp . EnCana est une société pétrolière intégrée qui est chef de file en matière de développement non conventionnel du gaz naturel en Amérique du Nord. En Nouvelle-Écosse, EnCana est responsable du projet de gaz naturel Deep Panuke. Pour plus d’information, consultez le www.encana.com .last_img read more

Bridge Award Honours Local Emerging Producers

first_imgTwo Nova Scotia producers are a step closer to creating their projects by winning the 2009 Bridge Award, sponsored by Film Nova Scotia and CBC Television. Kevin Kincaid and Rebecca Sharratt of Halifax were selected by a panel of industry professionals as winners of the award that provides up-and-coming talent a chance to produce a program for broadcast in the Atlantic region. “The Bridge Award is a fantastic opportunity and I am thrilled we have been chosen to move into production out of the many qualified and talented teams that applied,” said Ms. Sharratt. “The award affords me the opportunity to step fully into the role of producer and with the guidance and support of Film Nova Scotia and CBC, along with that of my executive-producer mentor Kimberlee McTaggart, I am going into this newfound territory with confidence.” What Remains, Ms. Sharratt’s project, is a strong portrayal of the complex relationships that exist within families and how illness can impact them and ultimately how we view life and love. Bernard the Magician, Mr. Kincaid’s project, is the story of how one magic loving social misfit redeems himself despite his lack of talent, no family support and a group of jeering 10-year-olds determined to tear him down. “The Bridge Award is an important step towards my goal of producing dramatic format,” said Mr. Kincaid. “It is a great chance to build long-term relationships in the Nova Scotia Film community and to build confidence in myself that says I can be a part of growing and sustaining an industry.” Each project will receive $20,000 in equity funding from Film Nova Scotia and an equal amount, in the form of licences and services, from the CBC, which will broadcast the finished program. More information on the Bridge Award can be found at www.film.ns.ca/programs_bridgeaward.asp .last_img read more

Selling Goods and Services to Government

first_imgThe province is working with small and medium-sized businesses in the Antigonish area to open up new markets for their goods and services. Buyers from municipal, provincial and federal governments, universities, colleges, school boards and health authorities met with local business operators at a trade show today, May 28th, at St. Francis Xavier University. The trade show was hosted jointly by Economic and Rural Development and the Antigonish Regional Development Authority. More than 40 businesses attended the show to talk to nearly 20 different government buyers. “An important part of economic growth is encouraging local businesses to compete for a larger portion of public sector procurement, both within Nova Scotia and externally to other provinces and markets,” said Rick Draper, director of procurement with the Department of Economic and Rural Development. “We want to help Nova Scotia businesses become more competitive and our trade shows are one of the ways we offer that assistance.” Eighty per cent of the $1 billion that the public sector spends annually on goods, services, and construction is purchased from Nova Scotia businesses. “We are pleased to be joining Economic and Rural Development in bringing this trade show to the region,” said Gerry Grant, executive director of the Antigonish Regional Development Authority. “It is important for our business community to understand how to access opportunities with the public sector, at all levels, as it can be a key way to develop new relationships and expand business.” The trade show offered businesses the opportunity to learn how to increase sales by selling to government. Face-to-face meetings with government buyers to exchange information on products and services were also arranged. The trade show is part of the province’s supplier development program that encourages Nova Scotia companies to sell to government. It helps small-business operators learn how to bid on government tenders and provides outreach services and community workshops on how to access business opportunities with government. For more information on supplier development, see the website at www.gov.ns.ca/tenders/supplierdevelopment .last_img read more

New Years Message from Premier Darrell Dexter

first_imgHappy New Year. It is my hope that you had a joyous holiday season with your family and friends. It is hard to believe that it is January already. It is the time of year for all of us to reflect on the past 12 months and make resolutions about what we can do better in 2010. Aside from my personal resolutions, two of the most important resolutions I will be working toward this year is living within our means and spurring economic growth and development across the province. It is no secret that Nova Scotia faces some tough financial challenges. The province’s deficit stands at $525 million. If things don’t change, by 2012, Nova Scotia’s deficit will grow to $1.3 billion. It is my job to get the province’s books back in the black, while keeping the commitments made to Nova Scotians. I am proud of the commitments government has been able kept to date, including taking the HST off basic home electricity, hiring an advisor to lead emergency care improvement, creating secure jobs through the New Home Construction Rebate, and boosting the equity tax credit to promote investment in communities. Government will continue to move forward, keeping the commitments made to Nova Scotians, including doubling provincial immigration targets and initiating an immigrant job strategy, providing 1,000 home-insulation grants for qualified homeowners, creating 250 new community college seats targetting high-demand trades and professions, and creating a Prior Learning Assessment Pilot Program, just to name a few. In November, a panel of economic advisors suggested that balancing the budget in 2010 would destabilize public services and harm the economy. It is simply not in the best interests of the economy and the public. However, balancing the budget as soon as it is reasonable remains a priority for government. During these challenging financial times, government needs to do all it can to create a stronger economy in the province. As your premier, you have my word that I will do everything I can to make sure Nova Scotians have secure jobs, that companies and investors worldwide know about this province and our assets, and that government spends your dollars wisely and efficiently. We need a strong economy in Nova Scotia to provide health, education and other services that people need and deserve. A stronger economy will result in better public services, better jobs for Nova Scotians and, ultimately, a better future for this province and its people. Government will have some very tough choices to make over the next three years, however I remain optimistic and excited about the possibilities that the future holds for Nova Scotia. With good leadership, sensible decision-making and a reasonable, balanced approach, Nova Scotia can be a province that is the envy of all and a place we are all proud to call home. All the best for a healthy, happy, and successful 2010. -30-last_img read more

Affordability Measures to Help Nova Scotians

first_imgFinance Minister Graham Steele and Minister of Seniors Denise Peterson-Rafuse visited Sackville Heights Community Centre today, April 7, to talk about affordability measures targeted at seniors. Mr. Steele announced several measures in the provincial budget that will make life more affordable for seniors while working to ensure government gets back to balance. Removing the Guaranteed Income Supplement from calculation of the adjusted family income will benefit roughly 18,000 low-income seniors. Beginning in the 2010 tax year, they will no longer include the amount they get from the Guaranteed Income Supplements. For example, a couple with $25,252 income could save $480. Among the measures that will benefit seniors and other Nova Scotians is the new Affordable Living Tax Credit which will impact 225,0000 households. People with an income of $30,000 or less will receive a rebate of at least $240. “We listened to what we heard from the public during our Back to Balance sessions that if we make tax changes, they must not adversely affect Nova Scotians with low or modest incomes,” said Mr. Steele. “We want to support our seniors and this is a way to alleviate any tough measures in the budget.” “Through targeted and strategic measures we will make life more affordable for seniors throughout Nova Scotia,” said Ms. Peterson -Rafuse. About 400,000 households, including many seniors, are already being helped by the energy rebate which eliminated the provincial portion of the HST from home heating. In 2010-11, that measure is forecast to help Nova Scotians to the tune of $83.6 million. “To make life better for Nova Scotians living in poverty and who we consider our most vulnerable, we are introducing a new Poverty Reduction Credit,” said Ms. Peterson-Rafuse. “This credit will help about 15,000 Nova Scotians living in poverty, many of whom are disabled. This is not about tweaking Income Assistance. This is a change in direction, a new way of looking at how we provide support to people in need.”last_img read more

Un projet touristique pour raconter les histoires du sudouest de la NouvelleÉcosse

first_img Le financement découle de l’engagement des deux paliers de gouvernement, par le truchement de Team West et de Team Southwest, en vue de soutenir un développement économique durable dans la région. Saveurs de la mer commercialise l’industrie historique de la pêche de la région auprès des visiteurs à la recherche d’une expérience unique qui donne vie au patrimoine. Musique de la Baie célèbre la musique et le patrimoine culturel des Acadiens à son nouveau centre à l’Université Sainte-Anne. Un projet innovateur de développement touristique dans le sud-ouest de la Nouvelle-Écosse bénéficiera d’un investissement des gouvernements provincial et fédéral annoncé aujourd’hui, 13 août, à l’Université Sainte-Anne. Des histoires de la collectivité est un projet de l’Association touristique des Côtes acadiennes et de Yarmouth qui présente la culture et l’histoire de la région. La contribution du gouvernement provincial, par le truchement du ministère du Tourisme, de la Culture et du Patrimoine, s’élève à 65 000 $ et l’Agence de promotion économique du Canada atlantique, pour sa part, y investit 70 000 $. « La Province reconnaît que le tourisme est une industrie importante capable de créer de bons emplois qui, à leur tour, stimulent l’économie, et nous sommes fiers de nous associer au Gouvernement du Canada pour aider la région du sud-ouest à faire la promotion de ses atouts uniques », de dire Graham Steele, ministre des Affaires acadiennes, au nom de Percy Paris, ministre du Tourisme, de la Culture et du Patrimoine. « Notre gouvernement aide le sud-ouest de la Nouvelle-Écosse à mettre en valeur ses atouts touristiques, précise le député fédéral Greg Kerr au nom de Keith Ashfield, ministre de l’Agence de promotion économique du Canada atlantique. Notre région est fière d’être connue pour son riche patrimoine lié à la pêche, pour sa culture acadienne unique et pour son attitude dynamique. » L’Association touristique des Côtes acadiennes et de Yarmouth est le résultat d’un effort de collaboration des municipalités d’Argyle, de Clare et de Yarmouth, de la Ville de Yarmouth et des exploitants touristiques locaux. L’organisme investit 37 000 $ en argent et 37 600 $ en services dans le projet. « Nous sommes très enthousiasmés par le fait d’être à la tête de cet exemple de tourisme expérientiel, un des secteurs touristiques qui se développent le plus rapidement », précise Larry Peach, directeur général de l’association. Le projet comporte deux volets :last_img read more

East Hants Sportsplex Grand Opening

first_imgThe newly renovated and expanded East Hants Sportsplex will give residents access to high-quality sports and recreation opportunities to help them stay fit and healthy while having fun. John MacDonell, Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, joined MP Scott Armstrong, on behalf of Transport Infrastructure and Communities Minister Dennis Lebel and Bernard Valcourt, Minister of State for the Altantic Canada Opportunities Agency today, April 14, for the grand opening of the $15.9-million facility. “Investing in community facilities that promote good health encourages Nova Scotians to lead healthier, more active lifestyles,” said Mr. MacDonell. “Our community is rapidly growing; young families are putting down roots, and this facility ensures they have access to resources to help them get fit, stay healthy and have fun.” A year-round facility, the East Hants Sportsplex will serve as a central hub for important community activities. “This project created local jobs, supported our economy and will contribute to the health and well-being of the families and residents of Lantz for many years to come,” said Mr. Armstrong. “Our Government is proud to have invested in the renewal of this important facility, which will provide countless opportunities for local residents to get active.” The project involved the renovation and expansion of the Sportsplex from 42,370 square feet to more than 166,000. The facility now has a second ice surface, indoor soccer field house with a walking and running track, two multi-purpose rooms with a reception area and dressing rooms. Renovations included upgrades to the mechanical and electrical systems, a new elevator and repaving the parking lot. John Patterson, Warden for the Municipality of East Hants, said he has learned to never underestimate the power of volunteers as it took many years of hard work and dedication, and he congratulated the board for its hard work. “The expansion of the East Hants Sportsplex is a significant step forward in a time when there is increasing emphasis on exercise and activity,” said Mr. Patterson. “The Sportsplex is one of only a few such facilities in Nova Scotia that is self-supporting in its operating costs. Unfortunately, one of the hardest workers has not lived to see the conclusion of his hard work, but we thank you, Keith Miller.” “East Hants Sportsplex QUOTE” The province, through the departments of Health and Wellness, and Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations committed $5.3-million and $1-million, respectively. The government of Canada is providing $2-million from the Major Infrastructure Component of the Building Canada Fund, and $1-million from the Innovative Communities Fund led by ACOA. The Municipality of East Hants and the East Hants Arena Association shared the remaining project costs.last_img read more

New Centre Another Step in Building Forestry of the Future

first_imgThousands of people working in Nova Scotia’s forestry industry will benefit from a new centre for cleaner energy, bioenergy and forestry innovation that will help the province’s forestry industry thrive in the future. Premier Darrell Dexter was in Brooklyn, Queens Co., today, Dec. 12, to announce the province will partner with Innovacorp, Emera and CelluFuel to transform the former Bowater Mersey mill into a centre that will drive new opportunities through innovation. “The former Bowater mill could be left to sit empty, with the equipment gathering dust,” said Premier Dexter. “I know there is plenty of life left in this mill, plenty of opportunity to develop new products not yet imagined, and to test and demonstrate technologies that will help bring those products to new and existing markets. “This centre will breathe new life and innovation into Nova Scotia’s changing forestry industry, and create opportunities for the good jobs Nova Scotia families rely on.” The centre will offer companies a research, development and demonstration site, and provide support for businesses of all sizes to make the most of the province’s forestry resources. Establishing this centre is in keeping with the province’s natural resources strategy, The Path We Share, jobsHere, and recommendations from the Bowater Transition Advisory Team. Innovacorp will provide advice and planning support, and use up to $500,000 in provincial funding to cover start-up costs such as developing a business plan, establishing key partnerships for research and technology development, and identifying partnership opportunities for public and private funding. Nova Scotia Lands, a Crown corporation, will oversee the industrial site. “We know firsthand at Innovacorp that there’s vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship happening all across Nova Scotia,” said Innovacorp interim CEO Jacquelyn Thayer Scott. “We are delighted to assist the new centre in accelerating the commercial development and business growth of the technology companies that will call it home.” Emera has signed on as the centre’s first tenant, with a commitment to invest at least $1 million over the next five years. This follows an announcement earlier this week that Emera will purchase Brooklyn Power from the province. “Emera has a long history of investing in Queens County and we are pleased to be able to sign on today as the first tenant in this new facility,” said Emera president and CEO Chris Huskilson. “The centre will provide the opportunity for Emera to invest in research and development and find innovative ways for the Acadian Forest to continue to play a role in the Nova Scotia economy and in our clean, renewable energy future.” CelluFuel, a Nova Scotia company focused on commercializing renewable fuels in Eastern Canada and the United States, will also use the centre. The province is adding to a $500,000 private-sector investment in CelluFuel with $500,000 to help the company deploy technology to turn Nova Scotia woody biomass into renewable diesel fuel. “We are excited about the creation of this new centre at the former Bowater Mill site and the economic development opportunities that it will enable,” said CelluFuel president Chris Hooper. “Having a platform such as this in Nova Scotia is a critical component in the commercial development of clean and renewable energy companies such as ours.” The clean and renewable energy sector is growing rapidly. The United States will need 22 billion gallons of biofuels in 10 years, up from four million today, and 30 of the Fortune 100 companies invest in bioenergy and bio-based products. Region of Queens Municipality Mayor Christopher Clarke welcomed the news, noting the centre’s potential to support innovation locally and beyond. “I would like to thank the province for this bold step forward. It’s great to see the Bowater lands being put to productive use,” said Mayor Clarke. “We are excited to see Emera as the owner of Brooklyn Power. It will ensure its future and the region of Queens has a long, strong relationship with Emera and Nova Scotia Power. Developing an innovation centre at the mill site is a farsighted and courageous move, and one which we support.” Work to set up the new centre will begin immediately. “Nova Scotia’s forestry industry is changing, and we have to change with it,” said Natural Resources Minister Charlie Parker. “Our forests are a renewable resource, one that can be with us for generations. Innovation and research will play a big part, and this centre, and our partners, will be instrumental in that.” “Our jobsHere plan calls for more focus on innovation to help grow Nova Scotia’s economy,” said Premier Dexter. “Innovation in our forestry industry will be a key part of protecting and creating jobs, now and in the future.” The province recently purchased the thermo-mechanical pulp mill as part of its agreement with Resolute Forest Products and the Washington Post Company.last_img read more

Weekly Traffic Advisories

first_img HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Joseph Howe Drive Overpass Repairs are being made on the Joseph Howe overpass on Highway 102, Exit 0 until Saturday, Nov. 30. Expect alternate travel lanes. Please reduce speed to 50 km/h and drive with extra caution in the area or use an alternate route. COLCHESTER COUNTY: Highway 102 Highway 102, north and south bound lane from Exit 13 to Exit 14A, will be reduced to one lane for repairs from Monday, May 6 until Thursday, May 9. Signs will be in place. Work takes place from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. VICTORIA COUNTY: Red Bridge, Big Baddeck The Red Bridge on the Old Margaree Road in Big Baddeck is closed to traffic. A detour is in place. The bridge is scheduled to be replaced by summer 2013. -30- INVERNESS COUNTY: Crowdis Bridge Crowdis Bridge is closed until further notice for repairs. A detour is available via Crowdis Cross Road, West Big Interval Road and Hatchery Road. HANTS COUNTY: Highway 102 Highway 102, about four kilometres north of Exit 10, at Shubenacadie Bridge, is reduced to one lane to build a temporary detour until June 2015. Work takes place from sunrise to sunset. PICTOU COUNTY: Highway 104 Highway 104, West Bounty Lanes from Exit 19 to Pictou/Colchester County line, about 11 kilometres will be reduced to one lane from Monday, May 6 until July 13 for paving. Motorists are reminded to use caution when travelling through the construction zone. PICTOU COUNTY: West River East Side Road A cross culvert on the West River East Side Road, just south of Salt Spring Loop (Millers Bridge), will be replaced on Tuesday, May 7, resulting in the closure of a section for a 12 hours period, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Barricades will be in place, and a detour is marked. HANTS COUNTY: Route 215 The northbound lane of Route 215, north of Beaver Pond Road at Centre Burlington, is reduced to one lane to replace the culvert until Sunday, June 30. Temporary lights are in place.center_img COLCHESTER COUNTY: Tatamagouche-Cooper BridgeCooper Bridge Tatamagouche-Cooper BridgeCooper Bridge on Cooper Road is closed for repairs until Friday, May 17. Motorists are advised to take an alternate route. NEW WORK CONTINUING WORK LUNENBURG COUNTY: Upper Branch Road Upper Branch Road, from Hemford Forest subdivision to Monk Road is reduced to one lane for ditching, brush cutting, bridge repairs and pipe installation until Tuesday, May 28. Work takes place from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. GUYSBOROUGH COUNTY: Melford Brook Bridge The Melford Brook Bridge, on Route 344 at Middle Melford, is closed. A two-lane detour bridge is in place until a permanent bridge is built. The speed limit is reduced to 60 km/h and warning signs are in place. DIGBY COUNTY: Route 217 Route 217, between the Middle Cross Road intersection, westerly to Haight Brook Bridge, will be reduced to one lane for paving, shouldering and pipe installation from Monday, May 6 until Friday, June 28. Work takes place from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.last_img read more

Subventions pour des installations récréatives dans la région des HautesTerres

first_imgDu financement pour cinq projets dans la région des Hautes-Terres de la Nouvelle-Écosse renforcera les collectivités et appuiera l’activité physique pour les Néo-Écossais. « Ces investissements contribueront à créer une infrastructure communautaire solide dans les comtés d’Antigonish et de Pictou, affirme Randy Delorey, ministre des Finances et du Conseil du Trésor, au nom de Tony Ince, ministre des Communautés, de la Culture et du Patrimoine. Les investissements dans nos sentiers, nos installations et notre équipement récréatif permettront aux Néo-Écossais de mener une vie active et saine tout en renforçant le tissu de nos collectivités. » Grâce au Programme de développement des installations de loisirs, le gouvernement investira plus de 1,8 million de dollars pour la construction ou la mise à niveau de 65 installations à l’échelle de la province. « Un centre communautaire est au cœur de chaque collectivité, souligne Clarence DeYoung, président de l’Association de développement culturel, récréatif et communautaire de la région de Pomquet. Cette subvention donnera un nouvel élan à la collectivité de Pomquet, qui a déjà engagé ou recueilli 700 000 $. » Les cinq projets dans la région des Hautes-Terres des comtés d’Antigonish et de Pictou recevront des subventions d’une valeur totale de 189 325 $ dans le cadre du Programme de développement des installations de loisirs. Une subvention pour un autre projet sera annoncée à une date ultérieure, portant le total des subventions à 205 325 $. « Les centres de loisirs communautaires forment la base de nombreuses collectivités rurales en Nouvelle-Écosse, souligne M. Delorey. Grâce au financement annoncé, nous offrons aux Néo-Écossais davantage d’occasions de mener une vie active, tout en établissant et en maintenant les liens avec leurs familles, leurs amis et leurs voisins. » « Les groupes qui reçoivent du financement ont déjà accompli du travail remarquable qui a engagé et réuni les membres de la communauté. Nous sommes d’avis que ces investissements leur permettront d’avoir un impact encore plus grand. » Les subventions aident les groupes communautaires, les municipalités et d’autres organismes à but non lucratif à aménager des installations visant à augmenter la participation du public aux sports et aux activités physiques. Il peut s’agir, par exemple, de rénover des bâtiments, de créer et d’entretenir des sentiers pédestres ou de construire et de mettre à niveau des terrains utilisés pour les sports et les activités récréatives.last_img read more

Illegal Tobacco Seizure

first_imgClose to 300,000 illegal cigarettes destined for streets in the province were seized this week by Service Nova Scotia, working in partnership with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The tobacco has a tax value of $79,808 in provincial taxes and $60,900 in federal taxes. The seizure was made on Wednesday, Dec. 21, in Lower Sackville. A 53-year-old male from Dartmouth was arrested and will appear in court today, Dec. 22, to face charges under the Nova Scotia Revenue Act, the Excise Act, and the Criminal Code. The Service Nova Scotia Compliance and Special Investigations Unit was the lead investigator working in partnership with the Nova Scotia RCMP Serious and Organized Crime unit. The Lower Sackville RCMP detachment assisted with the arrest. “Decreasing the sale and consumption of illegal tobacco is a core part of our work,” said Minister of Service Nova Scotia Mark Furey. “Contraband tobacco takes tobacco tax revenue away from public services Nova Scotians rely on, compromises public safety through links to organized crime and undermines provincial health objectives. “Each seizure we make with our law enforcement partners helps keep our communities safe from this serious crime.” Service Nova Scotia, through its Audit and Enforcement section, is responsible for reducing illegal tobacco in the province by working with its law enforcement partners, and through education and enforcement. Since 2006-07, the amount of illegal tobacco present in the province has decreased from 30 per cent of all tobacco consumed to between five to 10 per cent. Anyone with information regarding the sale and manufacturing of illegal tobacco is asked to contact their local police or Crime Stoppers. Calls to Crime Stoppers are not taped or traced. If police make an arrest and lay charges based on a tip, callers qualify for a cash reward between $50 to $2,500.last_img read more

Call for Nominations for 2018 Provincial Volunteer Awards

first_imgNova Scotians can recognize outstanding volunteers in their communities by nominating them for a 2018 Provincial Volunteer Award. Each year, the awards ceremony honours volunteers from across the province for their volunteer contributions. Nova Scotians can nominate volunteers in the categories of volunteer representative award, volunteer youth award and volunteer family award. The representative volunteer award recipients are selected by their municipalities. The volunteer youth and volunteer family award winners are selected by a review committee. The premier, lieutenant-governor and minister of the voluntary sector will present the awards at a ceremony in April. Nomination forms are available at http://novascotia.ca/volunteerawards. The deadline for nominations is midnight, Feb. 16.last_img read more

Opening Weekend for Provincial Parks

first_img “These improvements will increase the comfort and safety of our visitors so everyone can enjoy a camping experience that is inclusive and accessible to all,” said Mr. Rankin. “We will continue making investments so our parks, beaches and campgrounds are more accessible to Nova Scotians. I encourage everyone to visit a park this season and create lasting memories with friends and family.” Alcohol and cannabis will not be permitted at camping parks from opening day until Tuesday, July 2. After this time, alcohol and smoking, including cannabis, are permitted on rented campsites only. Alcohol, tobacco and cannabis use are not permitted in day-use parks. Provincial parks will begin opening Friday, May 17, for a season filled with camping, hiking, swimming and exploring nature. Several camping and day-use parks will be open in time for the Victoria Day weekend and the rest will open in early June. Visitors can check the provincial parks website for opening dates and a list of events happening at each location. Reservations for camping sites can be made by calling 1-888-544-3434 or going online to the parks website, http://parks.novascotia.ca . Provincial campgrounds continue to grow in popularity. The 2018 season saw 82,422 camper nights booked, an increase of five per cent over the previous year. Bookings have gone up about 30 per cent since 2014. Government is making more than $1 million in upgrades to park system facilities. Several infrastructure projects were completed or are in progress this year: new water and electrical services at Battery Provincial Park improvements to comfort stations and water services at Thomas Raddall Provincial Park improvements to beach access at Blomidon Provincial Park site improvements to Lawrencetown Beach installation of accessible vault toilet at Rainbow Haven Beach a gender-neutral comfort station and washroom facilities with accessible sinks, toilets and showers are among recent upgrades to Valleyview Provincial Park in Bridgetown that will improve accessibilitylast_img read more

PSGs AlKhelaifi charged in Qatar athletics graft probe

first_imgParis: Paris Saint-Germain chief Nasser Al-Khelaifi was on Thursday charged with corruption in the bidding process for this year’s world athletics championships in Doha, judicial sources said. Al-Khelaifi, who is also the boss of Qatari television channel BeIn Sports, has been under investigation since March in connection with the bidding process for the 2017 and the 2019 world championships. Another BeIn executive, Yousef Al-Obaidly, a PSG board member, is also under investigation by French justice over the awarding of the 2019 worlds to Qatar. Doha lost out to London to stage the 2017 worlds but beat off opposition to host this year’s event from Eugene in the United States and Barcelona. Also Read – We don’t ask for kind of tracks we get: Bowling coach ArunAl-Khelaifi was informed of his “mis en examen”, a French legal term that has no direct equivalent in the American or British legal systems but roughly translates as being charged, by letter. He was unable to attend a May 16 court hearing as he was in Qatar for the Cup final. The French term does not automatically trigger a trial but means that prosecutors believe there is strong or corroborated evidence of wrongdoing. The magistrates are looking specifically at two payments of 3.5 million in 2011 by Oryx Qatar Sports Investment, a company jointly owned by Al-Khelaifi and his brother Khalid, to a sports marketing firm run by Papa Massata Diack. His father Lamine Diack was formerly president of the IAAF, the world athletics governing body, and a member of the International Olympic Committee. As well as probing the world athletics championships the French investigation is also examining circumstances in which the Olympic Games were awarded to Rio de Janeiro for 2016 & Tokyo for 2020.last_img read more